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Re: iCab Scripting [Mac]

Posted:4/15/1999; 8:21:03 AM
Topic:iCab Scripting [Mac]
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system.verbs.apps.iCab.openurl (""); system.verbs.apps.iCab.openurl (""); system.verbs.apps.iCab.openurl ("")

I want three windows to open. I get only one.

Thanks for responding.

PS. iCab doesn't show this page correctly, the response section is missing.

PSS Do I have to manually copy text to respond? Is this progress?


How do I script iCab to open a series of websites? Using the glue I created with the commercial developers suite, each openurl event causes a new window to open OMM.

icab.openurl ("")

It already seems to do what you want it to do. Or am I misunderstanding?

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