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Nirvana is getting closer...

Author:David Theige
Posted:4/16/1999; 8:11:46 PM
Topic:Nirvana is getting closer...
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Frontier 6 is breathtaking! News.root and console.root are beginning to magnify the splendor. I've actually overheard a few people on the lists grumbling about the emphasis on discussion groups in F6--I think those folks are missing the revolution. The web is about people, communication, and collaboration.

I am not a geek...but I do love and admire you guys! With a lot of handholding from Andre and Brent in the last few days, I have successfully experimented with a setup where I have Frontier with news.root and console.root running as a server. I have been updating my news page via a web browser connection to my console site. Frontier is not running on the client. It is a thing of beauty!

Now I'm playing with multiple discussion groups with distinct membership groups and security. There are still a few glitches to work out. This vision is coming into view:

A Frontier server with multiple discussion groups, each with its own membership, news site, and console site...each site being managed remotely via a browser interface alone by non-technical people who want to communicate and collaborate...Nirvana!!!!!

(I confess that I still greatly prefer editing my news site in Frontier. The browser leaves much to be desired as an editing platform. Nonetheless, the power this can give to people who would never touch a tool like Frontier is staggering.)

Kudos to Userland and everyone in the Frontier community who have brought things to this point.

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