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Re: Access permissions in Webedit?

Author:Jacob Savin
Posted:4/16/1999; 7:25:36 PM
Topic:Access permissions in Webedit?
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Clearly, checking in scripts could wreak havok on a dynamic server, so that's probably one thing you'd want to have control over. Templates might be another thing as well, though that could be handled using the path. I think directives would be a good way to go. Say you have something like this:

Each person has a username, and a group (as defined by the people suite). Throughout the doc-tree, there are server directives for #webEditUser and #webEditGroup, which define ownership. One could then easily restrict access to scripts or templates by setting #webEditUser Admin and #webEditGroup none.

This seems to me like the most obvious way to go, though there may be a more elegant solution.

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