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Re: HTTP 1.0 501 Error

Posted:4/18/1999; 10:24:13 AM
Topic:HTTP 1.0 501 Error
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Hey Tom,

I'd say there should be no problem using an IP address in place of the domain name. So when you follow the How Tos on how to set up, everytime you see a reference to enter your domain, just put in the IP of the machine your are running Frontier from.

So for example, when the docs call for something like you can put in Obviously you'd put your IP in.

Now one does have to take care that all the important places that domains and URLs are handled are using the right IP.

In fact, I'm using IPs right now until the buggers at Network Disillusionments (NSI) get my domain record straightened out. They botched it up!!! :-(

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