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Re: Access permissions in Webedit?

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:4/19/1999; 12:08:54 AM
Topic:Access permissions in Webedit?
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I can't suggest a model. I think this is something where I need more knowledge. I can only think in terms of user experience:

In Zope, if I have only access to a sublevel of the hirarchy I can only see the outline of this. On very large & complex sites, this could be very nice. When I said "subscription", I do not necesserily mean the implementation of subscribeable GDB by now. I rather mean "getting a local copy of remote objects". Whatever that means.

What I do not like currently, that it seems each author has to get a whole copy of a website on his local workstation to be able to check in/out existing objects. On large websites this seems a total overhead to me.

I thought it must be possible to show a sublevel of a master GDB as as if it is a "real" GDB - meaning, if the editor synchronizes his local copy with the server, he would only get his parts. So each webedit person would only have to get the objects he actually can work on anyway!

The problem is, that page previews actually need to have a rather complete copy of the whole GDB to be able to render correctly. A solution to this would be to do the preview rendering via XML-RPC on the server!


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