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Log analysis tools for Frontier-based webservers

Author:John VanDyk
Posted:4/21/1999; 10:09:07 AM
Topic:Log analysis tools for Frontier-based webservers
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One of the issues I'm wondering about as I delve into Frontier 6 is log analysis. Searching for "log analysis" on reveals very little on the topic.

We are running Apache on Linux as our main webserver. It's fast and stable and we're very happy with it. We use Pervasive's (formerly Everyware's) Bolero product to do log analysis. Questions like who's visiting the site; how long are they visiting, where did they come from, etc. are easily answered.

What are my options for integrating a Frontier-based server with this system? How efficient is Frontier if user.log.prefs.flLogToTextFile is true and log files become large?

At this point I'm thinking, have Frontier log to a text file and use Perl to merge the two before Bolero sees them.

How is everyone else handling this? Are there tools in the pipe?

So many questions,


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