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Technographic Thoughts

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:4/21/1999; 9:46:23 AM
Topic:Technographic Thoughts
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1. Though there's been much talk about the possibility of creating a near-real-time interactive outline via Frontier, there has, as yet, been little evidence that we can create a solution via Frontier that will match the speed we can get by simply using some application-sharing technology like NetMeeting.

2. In an application-sharing scenario, with Frontier being the application shared, what are most needed are templates that will allow the technographer to display a working outline cleanly. By "clean" I'm referring to the ability to hide any data that is not relevant to the viewer, and that's because the viewer and technographer will be sharing the same view. These templates need to provide for a variety of ways to display an outline as it is being rendered, and attention should be paid to fonts, labels, color, anything that can help the viewer understand what s/he's viewing.

2b. (or not) If we continue the application-sharing scenario, we would also want to create web templates which automatically format the results. There are two directions to explore: the flat page and the dynamic page. Both will have their value.

3. If we succeed in creating a near-real-time web-based view of a dynamically-developed outline, we would be creating a tool that will have real meaning as the band gets broader. Since this is inevitable, any explorations we do will be relevant.

4. Any thoughts you have about scenarios will be especially valuable. Work on, for example, the Emergency Response Team. Don't overlook Frontier as a tool for Knowledge Management.

I await your words

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