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Re: Technographic Thoughts

Author:Jacob Savin
Posted:4/21/1999; 2:26:08 PM
Topic:Technographic Thoughts
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One could use an outline renderer that uses the comment flag in the outline to determine whether or not to show the subheadings to the users. What you would get then, is a completely separate view of the outline for end-users and the technographer. If you don't want the users to see the subheadings, turn on the comment flag, (Ctrl-backslash or Command-backslash depending on your OS), and then the renderer won't show those sub-headings to users, though the technographer could still see them, and edit them.

I've made a sample renderer and put it up at

It might not be the best name for it, but oh well. Please let me know if it proves useful to anyone. Also, it would be trivial to add a comment truncator which would chop off the tails of lines at a comment mark, so the technographer could keep private information in the same outline all the users see...

P.S. I went ahead and added this feature, but the lines that do it are commented-out. Uncomment them if you want this feature. In the long run, I guess it's better to use a directive to tell the renderer what to do, but I didn't want to have to remember yet another custom directive.

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