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scriptingNews outline for 4/22/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/22/1999; 4:26:41 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/22/99
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DaveNet: Bombing Yugoslavia.

Wired: Melissa was but a Sniffle. "The havoc caused by the Melissa computer virus is tame compared with the destruction expected to strike on 26 April." Unfortunately they don't point to sites with technical information.

Symantec's page on the CIH virus.

Symantec has a free tool that eliminates the CIH virus, which, thankfully, doesn't effect Windows NT systems. All our Intel servers are running NT.

Michael Moore: The Bombing of Yugoslavia.

Wired: Hot IPOs Flaming Out.

Frontier 6 security alert, reasonably high for people who are running the discussion group software.

Netscape: Javascript Template Engine.

MacInTouch's mail page on Avid's decision to drop Mac support in favor of NT. A fascinating discussion between award-winning television and movie editors.

New channel: Thinking About Kosovo.

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