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My.UserLand interface

Author:Jorn Barger
Posted:4/22/1999; 6:51:08 AM
Topic:My.UserLand interface
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Lots of new channels are being added to My.UserLand... which is great.

Most of them, though, have names that tell me nothing about their content.

So I feel obligated to subscribe to all of them, to check them out.

This involves an acceleratingly long page of checkboxes, which include both new ones I've never seen, and old ones I tried and didn't like.

My memory isn't that good!

And even if it were, I'd still end up with a very, very slow loading page of tables in a different order, which I have to read and memorize and then go back to the checkboxes page to unsubscribe the losers...

My suggestion:

Include the headlines themselves on the checkboxes page.

Have three status-values: new, selected, and rejected.

Show the headlines for the first two statuses, not the third.

People whose browsers are slow at rendering complex tables could use this page as their main page, as well.

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