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Posted:4/24/1999; 6:17:03 AM
Topic:Demystifying Frontier
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I appreciate your response to Matt's article in TidBits, which I would never have found if you hadn't posted a reference to it on Scripting News, my favorite portal. I manage a very small web site for a university department, and I just attended a very frustrating meeting of web page managers who were wrangling endlessly about whether to make a slight update to the overall design "template" of the university's collective web pages. Since every page is coded by hand or by a different web page creation tool, this could be a real pain in the neck.

I am grateful to Matt (as I think you should be) for putting a different spin on the features of Frontier; letting less technical people understand that here is a tool for EVERYONE, that may just be the answer to all of the sorts of problems that we were dealing with in our meeting, and doing it in language that even the marketing director can understand.

I am grateful to you for realizing (and I mean this in the sense of "making real"--creating) the solution to the problem that you articulate so well in your response. To enable people of all skill levels to directly post information on the web, without going through an editor or a human technical translator. If Frontier 6 can indeed do this across the different platforms and networks that constitute a modern corporate or university site, then the cost is eminently justified.

So keep digging, and help us get the word out not just to technical audiences, but to the people who REALLY need this tool. If it takes me an hour to obtain and post a couple of news items on my department's website (all volunteer time, by the way), I might or might not get it done. If the p.r. director could just send an email, this could make life worth living again. Hire a p.r. geek if you have to, but get the word out not just to your fans, but to the corporate suits!

I'm looking forward to the summer, when I will seriously begin learning how to use Frontier, rather than just scratching the surface.


Ralph Klapis

Valparaiso University

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