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Re: setting up and using channels - -synchronous weblogs??

Author:David Detlefsen
Posted:4/24/1999; 10:10:19 AM
Topic:setting up and using channels
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A good suggestion...I think I could accomplish what the channels would do, as you suggest, with a modified/hopped-up news site, some form of the contentserver or perhaps even some concepts and technology of these discussion groups (editing and posting from a browser).

The only difficulty with these approaches is that it is likely that the people who would contribute would not be interested in learning new software (if Userland is going to develop tools to do this along the lines of contentserver, it should be drop-dead simple). There are a lot of people who have trouble with basic computer's possible for me to make things easier but I fear I would spend more time designing and implementing a way for people to get content in than I would thinking about how I could use that content to make better business decisions (my real interest).

Maybe I'm just enamoured with this channel thing but I think it's the way to seems like RSS is a standard (corporate types like standards) and XML is part of it (I want to do more with XML and I think more corporate types will in the future).

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


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