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more on multiple console sites

Author:David Theige
Posted:4/24/1999; 1:04:15 PM
Topic:Nirvana is getting closer...
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André Radke: Here's a different approach, one that I am actually exploring right now in a side project:

Move the consoleData table into the consoleSite table and rename it to #consoleData. Move the contents of the consoleSuite table into consoleSite.#tools...

I like this idea very much and I'm going to try it. It should provide a lot of flexibility. One of the things I want to try is putting a self-contained console website table inside of another website table in news.root. This could be interesting in the scenario where I want the console website table on the server with the sysop managing things remotely with a browser only.

André, thank you for your patience in helping me understand this stuff.

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