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scriptingNews outline for 4/26/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/26/1999; 4:20:27 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/26/99
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DaveNet: Ben Rosen is Back. Amazon buys three companies. $645 million.

MacWEEK: "Release the source and they will come develop" isn't the way things work in the real world. Just ask the Mozilla group. Open-source works well when people need a particular type of functionality. In this case, it's Apple -- not the open-source community -- that needs the QTSS to proliferate.

Afer much beating on my head I now understand that WINE Is Not an Emulator. It's looking more like this is the rational path to use to move Frontier to Linux.

WINE Headquarters: About WINE.

Check this out! Jim Hebert tried launching the Trial Version of Frontier 5.1.6 under WINE on Linux. Here's a screen shot. It crashed, but you can see from the picture that a lot of stuff works with no mods to the program. Wow!

InternetWorld profiles Conxion, our ISP.

Doc Searls, senior editor at Linux Journal, talks about the 'wide open spaces' of Linux.

In Sept 1997, Doc Searls wrote: "So Steve Jobs just shot the cloners in the head, indirectly doing the same to the growing percentage of Mac users who prefered cloned Mac systems to Apple's own. So his message to everybody was no different than it was at Day One: all I want from the rest of you is your money and your appreciation for my Art." Doc's art is pretty cool too!

Apple Recon: Debbie Does Quicktime. "Adult content is the biggest money maker on the Internet if you use the amount of traffic and dollars it generates as a gauge.. And about 85% of those sites use QuickTime as it's ubiquitous and is the most popular format for the XXX Internet industry as it has the highest quality and can also compress MPEG, does AVI, etc"

FileMaker now has ODBC support, as does Frontier, on both Mac and Windows, so now there's a whole new way to develop apps in Frontier that store data in FileMaker.

NY Times: Sun's Portable Productivity Desktop. "The new software, called i-Planet, creates an electronic work space for employees that includes traditional applications like word processing and spreadsheets as well as group calendars, file storage and e-mail."

Alexa has a form that allows people to rate the links that are "related" to any site, and to add new ones.

Red Herring: Marimba nets Tivoli exec. This is their IPO week. Good luck Marimba!

Anatole Lieven: Let's Not Freeze Russia Out.

Yesterday I asked: "Why are people so excited about Ask Jeeves?" Christoph Jaggi says: "The answer is simple, they probably never encountered a product that worked, Symantec's Q&A." Right!

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