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scriptingNews outline for 4/27/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/27/1999; 5:22:33 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/27/99
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1987 BYTE editorial: Ben Rosen talks about new software for the Intel 80386. "Many people from the software community were questioning whether there was room in the market for any new software products, no matter how good."

Wired: The net must pay. "Whenever a new form of evil extrudes into American society, demands for Internet regulation seem to arrive faster than a greyhound on crack."

New channel: CampaignWeb.

StarNine: WebSTAR 4.0 Public Beta. Mac OS.

InfoWorld: Red Hat Linux 6.0.

Nicholas Petreley reviews Caldera OpenLinux 2.2.

Standard: How much should you pay for a free PC?

If you like Linux mark yesterday on your calendar. It was a big day. Thanks to Jim Hebert, a Linux fanatic who we had crossed swords with in the past, he single-handedly got the Win32 binary version of Frontier running on Linux. It wasn't that much work!

From his screen shot, which got more complete as the day went by, we can see that the majority of Frontier runs fine thru WINE, which is not an emulator. Now I have to go to Fry's and get a copy of Red Hat and work with it here. We were originally thinking it would take a year to get Frontier on Linux. Now, dare I say it, it might be a matter of months or weeks. Remember Murphy!

Hats off to the WINE people, btw. What an accomplishment! I think that running Frontier thru the WINE process will make it better. Now I want everyone on Linux. Human nature, I guess.

The WINE Is Not an Emulator thread continues, with some observations on human nature, invalidating questions we don't want to answer and continued subserviance to Our Lord Murphy, which reminds me, we need a religious shrine on the net, with case studies.

I wish I had thought of grabbing this domain name, early on.

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