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Re: WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:4/27/1999; 1:36:24 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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Ask them about their web development solutions. I'll bet you $5 the name Frontier never comes out of their mouth.

If someone repeatedly told people publicly that they didn't believe I could succeed with my upcoming strategy, I wouldn't send anyone their way either.

Of course if Apple changes their colors and shows some interest in our software, that could change, but don't hold your breath.

Maybe Apple would show interest in your software if you hadn't publicly stated you weren't going to invest in OS X (you said it again in the message I'm replying to). If they're supposed to believe anything you say, then you've already announced your departure from the platform.

So why should they have any interest in your software now?

Microsoft isn't going to do this kind of transition with Windows.

Microsoft already did it, in 1995. Win16 to Win32 migration.

Be thankful you didn't go to Windows back in '93-'94. It killed a lot of companies. It was a lot more painful than OS to OS X will be.

Apple's offering an easier path than Microsoft offered Win16 programmers when Win95 came out. For Win16 developers, it was a total rewrite, or being stuck with a crappy Win32s app that had no future (and Win32s was no freebee either).

For Carbon, it's changing 2-15% of your app.

Run the Carbon Dater on the Frontier source, find out what you're up against. If you don't want to... fine, but don't expect Apple to care.


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