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Re: WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Jim Correia
Posted:4/27/1999; 2:00:15 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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For Carbon, it's changing 2-15% of your app. Run the Carbon Dater on the Frontier source, find out what you're up against. If you don't want to... fine, but don't expect Apple to care.

The Carbon Dater runs on PowerPC executables (it does so by looking at the PEF container). You don't need the source.

However, if you aren't the guy with the source the results may be misleading.

The Carbon Dater will tell you what percentage of your API calls will need to be reworked. This is not the percentage of the app that needs to change. You may indeed have lots to change if you rely on APIs that have no replacement, etc.

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