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Re: I do my part to help the Mac

Author:Howard Fore
Posted:4/28/1999; 9:09:53 AM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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There's lot's of irony here. You say (wisely and correctly) to watch what Jobs does not says. But then you turn around and say that while you haven't "said Apple is doing anything wrong," you haven't committed to OS X, you want to distance yourself from Apple and that you are more likely to work with Microsoft. (I'm not trying to turn this into a Microsoft vs. Apple thing, but those are the two poles presented.) If you've got two choices and you say few positive things and nothing negative about one side, but many positive things and few negative things about the other side, it would be hard to view that as a neutral, "we'll work with anybody," attitude.

Every time somebody says, "why don't you work with Apple more?" the answer is always IAC and Applescript and, "we did this first." (Personally I don't care as much about who was there first as what works for me best.)

Admittedly, it's difficult to truly see anything from another person's point of view without being that person and having the same impressions and experiences.

From a business point would you try to work harder with someone who is trying to run away? Someone who says, "our hand is out," and "we want to move further away from you, being close is negative." When Apple is all about surviving in a hostile environment (which it has done for over 20 years now) why continue to rub against the thorns?

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