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Re: Recursive outline programming?
Posted:4/29/1999; 7:18:15 AM
Topic:Recursive outline programming?
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Thanks Brent.

I took a look there and I don't think this will solve my problem. Here's the offending line from the op.getCursor docserver page: The marker is guaranteed to remain valid only as long as the window remains open, or the target remains set, and as long as the original heading has not been deleted.

That means that I can't switch to a different outline, do some things and switch back. In other words, this kind of flow: target.set(something) loop local (marker = op.getCursor()) local (old_target = target.get()) bundle local (addr = address(op.getLineText()) target.set(addr) // go do something at the new outline op.setCursor(marker) target.set(old_target) if (op.go(down,1) == false) break

This is the kind of thing I'm trying to do. When I spoke of recursive, I meant recursive in the sense of working on different outlines, not recursively working on the same outline. Does this make sense?

Thanks again for any info.

op.go(down,1) local (a

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