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scriptingNews outline for 4/30/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/30/1999; 5:56:55 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/30/99
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DaveNet: We Were Deleted, Was I Fooled?

Early next week we'll release the source for My.UserLand.Com.

TechWeb: Network Solutions Starts a Search Engine. Network Solutions Glitches Bug Users. Thomas Creedon says that the problems are months old not days old.

Wired: Turning the Body Inside-Out. Cold Fusion Servers Still Show Security Holes.

Today's Marimba's IPO day. It opened at 59!

Red Herring: Marimba Shares Triple on IPO.

Jakob Nielsen: Top Ten Mistakes Revisited.

New channel: Sparks.Com.

Eric Soroos spotted the new Douglas Adams website, and he thinks it might be a Frontier site. I sniffed around, it's a wonderful site, whether or not it's done in Frontier. I'll send Douglas an email with congratulations and ask for his comments.

PC Data Online is tracking the top 50 websites on a public page. Looks like it would be a great investor tool.

An indispensible site for the world traveler. It's a database of Internet cafes. It's good, it showed a cafe in Negril. This will make it easier for me to email with my uncle who's a third-world guy.

I love the name and location of this cybercafe. Shall we have a Scripting News reunion there 20 years from now?

ZDNet: Deja News privacy snafu? Zzzzz.

NY Times: Email for World Travelers.

FuturePipe Industries is a Frontier site.

Wired: Cuba embraces email, warily. "None of the Cubans interviewed about email had any illusions about privacy. It's known that every email sent from the university account is automatically copied into an archive. It's equally known that the email is being copied elsewhere, too." Calendars are the latest portal feature.

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