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Re: News Site Not connected to calendar.root

Author:André Radke
Posted:4/30/1999; 12:31:50 PM
Topic:News Site Not connected to calendar.root
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Where on your hard drive is the news.root GDB you downloaded from our site? It should be at System:Frontier:Guest Databases:www:news.root

I changed #calendarRootURL to news.root.default

Sorry, that's not what I meant. You should set #calendarRootURL to the URL (not the Frontier address) of the table containing the dynamic news page.

Here's an example:

The page you see at is located in news.root at scriptingNews.staticPage.default. The dynamic page at is located at scriptingNews.default. In this context, you would set the #calendarRootURL entry in the scriptingNews.staticPage table to

Makes sense?

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