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Re: 36 .Com Registrars?

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:5/2/1999; 6:57:55 PM
Topic:36 .Com Registrars?
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That's not competition. I want competition for my business registering the domain name ''. If there's only one registrar for 'j' then we're still not having competition. Any of the eventual registrars should be able to create my domain name.

The idea of "who is accountable" is really very simple. We need a simple system. Pick any algorithm, e.g. only the registrar that injected '' into the world can modify its DNS records. Records should carry the originator information so that in a correctly operating system things would work.

There's still the issue of finding out about, and resolving, conflicts when a domain name is registered by multiple registrars. Human intervention seems likely to be needed in such cases.

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