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Re: 26 .Com Registrars?

Posted:5/2/1999; 7:04:53 PM
Topic:36 .Com Registrars?
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Hey Dave,

Interesting idea. I think I'd still be nervous about being locked into a certain company for a certain letter.

But breaking it up into more than one domain name provider has got to be the way to go.

If provider A isn't cutting it, I should be able to go to provider B, C, or etc...

The Government would have to set some ground rules. A provider would have to relinquish control of a domain in a certain amount of time or face heavy fines. In fact, if I switch to provider B from A, it should be handled without me having to tell providor A. It should just happen through the software. Of course that means that the Government would require cooperation between these companies as part of their license to operate.

Toodle-looooooo........ Thomas

P.S. Happy Bday by the way!

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