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Check your pages in iCab...

Author:Ryan Finley
Posted:5/8/1999; 7:39:55 AM
Topic:Check your pages in iCab...
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A cool feature about iCab is that it will tell you exactly if your page is conforming to HTML 4.0 specifications. It puts either a smiley face, stern face, or a frown face depending on whether there is either full compliance, just warnings, or errors. Your Scripting News page gives a frown face!!

I am finding that iCab has become my primary browser for a single reason. It blocks ads. Moreover, when I'm browsing a site and find that an ad has managed to slip by unfiltered, I can simply click on that image and add it to my filter list. iCab lets you filter images by server, filename, path, URL, and even a specific common image dimension. Much more useful that other standalone utilities.

Also, it never crashes... Also, it was a 850K download...

I can't believe this was developed by one guy over the course of a year. Along with GoLive, I think those Germans are onto something.

If you haven't checked iCab out yet, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do.

Best regards, Ryan

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