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The "Didn't Inhale" War

Author:Paul L. Bruno
Posted:5/10/1999; 9:15:20 AM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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This is Clinton's "Didn't Inhale" war. It's not a real war, just an air campaign. It wasn't really sex, either. They're not really lies. It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is.

He has now done irreparable harm to our relations with our two former cold war enemies. His selfishness and personal lack of responsibility is now reflecting on our nation as a whole. You can't get dictators to believe what you're saying if they see you lying to your own people all the time, so his foreign policy gambits have been all empty threats and bluster.

Too bad Clinton's two terms didn't really turn out to be just "It's the economy, stupid." The economy has been on cruise control. The only guy I can think of with the credibility to repair the damage done is George Bush (Sr.), and he's not interested in the job.

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