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Re: What is Windows CE?

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:5/10/1999; 10:43:08 AM
Topic:What is Windows CE?
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Is anyone doing development with Windows CE?

I've been working lately with the Waba Java VM. This is a virtual machine that's been written for both PalmOS and WinCE machines.

You write actual Java language syntax, compile it with the real javac compiler, and can run it with the real java.exe virtual machine from Sun. But you must write to Wabasoft's gui API in order for your apps to work under all three environments (PalmOS, WinCE and Java VM from Sun).

So, I imagine if a compatible form of WinCE works on STBs, then this Java VM will work there as well.

This could be important. From what I understand, Java support on STBs so far has been awful to rival the pathetic state that surrounds Java on the web today.

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