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Re: What is Windows CE?

Author:David Valentine
Posted:5/10/1999; 10:44:15 AM
Topic:What is Windows CE?
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No, people want a product that does the job.

Evidence, the palm OS, and the palm series. I want a cool electronic gadget that keeps an address book and a calendar, and to-do list. I'd like it to fit in my pocket. (i'd like it a bit thinner and lighter, too). And most importantly, I would like it not to crash. The palm was the first to fit that need.

The set top box running windows CE solves a need that does not exist. Like you said, people want apps. What I really want in a set-top box that lets me record TV, control my home theater, and let me view the occasional web page on the TV. What I want is a replay TV with an idiot proof web browser.

If you can be sure that your product will not crash the TV, yes this is the access to the TV, then I might install additional software.

Stability is a key to this consumer space.

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