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scriptingNews outline for 5/11/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/11/1999; 1:57:55 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/11/99
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I am now officially no longer a Linux virgin. I have Red Hat 6.0 running on The installation wasn't that bad. Now to read more docs and figure out how to browse the file system and get some real web pages up.

The Linux-Newbies list starts now.

Stuart MacMillan hacked up a graphic to welcome me to Linux. Thanks! AOL Considering Linux STB?

WoW! Radio.Yahoo.Com. I'm listening now.

MacWorld launches MacBuy.Com.

Macrobyte, a leading Frontier developer, is looking for a JavaScript DHTML programmer, for a short-term contract.

Is there anything the American people, esp Internet users, can do to express our desire for peace with the people of China?

Scenes from Beijing.

Twelve days ago I posted a story about bad service from Dell on a simple repair for my laptop. They promised 72-hour turnaround at the beginning. It's now approx 417 hours later and we're no closer to having a working system. This is impacting my business. Dell had a stellar reputation with me for service, now it's falling apart. They can't make a simple repair, what can I count on them for? I paid a premium, as a business user with limited time, to protect against exactly this kind of foul-up.

Bernie DeKoven is not the only person fed up with NSI.

Mark Kennedy, a team member at The Motley Fool, wants to move his RSS file. A reasonable request. Now we have to come up with a mechanism to update the service list. In my proposal, which I brought to the XML-DEV list, I want to implement a new tag. Read the proposal and discussion here.

Cameron Martin has an IE5-only browser for the RSS files on My.UserLand.Com. I tried it and it doesn't work here, but he says it's "Very Alpha" so that explains it as far as I'm concerned.

Apple: AppleScript change notes for Mac OS 8.6.

Stephan Somogyi: Apple's Open Source Niceness.

Apple's OpenPlay sounds like a little part of Frontier, cross-platform TCP verbs.

MacWEEK: Next Steps for Apple. Cute title!

Red Herring: Intel chairman indicts Internet money model. "A Dow drop of just 5 to 10 percent for more than a month or two would be nuclear winter for Internet financing."

Marimba's stock has been going down since its IPO. Now it's only worth $1.37 billion. Update.. Today it's up 2 points. I wonder if Scripting News readers are bargain hunting? Vignette acquires Diffusion.

Here's what Diffusion does.

NY Times: A picture is worth a thousand words. For ten points, who's Bill Clinton's hugging partner? Here's the rest of the story.

The source code for the award-winning MailToTheFuture site is available from the Examples part of the Frontier site.

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