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Re: What Chinese people thought

Author:Nic Sch
Posted:5/11/1999; 3:06:58 AM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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>As to whether these are pointless and ineffective attacks, >that just depends on how one views the action as a whole

Could you expand that statement? I'm sincerely interested in hearing what you think the bombs are accomplishing, because I can't see any point with it in the current situation other than causing civilian casualties and collateral damage.

My personal view of the situation is that the Clinton administration ignored all warnings from the US military (as several military officials have stated) and decided to push through with the 'Rambouillet or NATO bombing' approach anyway, for whatever political reasons. Now he's stuck with a messy situation he can't win and keeps throwing in more NATO hardware so that he can claim victory when a diplomatic solution eventually appears and the serbs pull back.

I actually thought well of Clinton before this mess started, but now I'm convinced that he's not capable of leading the the world's one superpower.

>I wonder if we would have withdrawn from WWII if we had >had CNN in our living rooms every night.

Let me ask you this; would the US have withdrawn from Vietnam when it did if the media hadn't been in the living rooms every night?

And the statement that one B-2 mission is equivalent to 2500 WWII bomber missions seems ridiculous to me, unless the B-2 is loaded up on nukes. The B-2's carries 16 2000-pound bombs. 150+ fully loaded WWII bombers can definitely cause more damage to any target than one precision bomb from a B-2 bomber.

/ Niclas

BTW, how do you guys get some of the text in italics? Do you just include the HTML tag for italics or something else?

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