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Re: What Chinese people thought

Author:Stan Purington
Posted:5/9/1999; 8:55:59 PM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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Could you name a single country in the world that would challenge the "ineffective and disrespected" US military force, assuming they thought we would use it? If our pilots were as out of practice and our planes so poorly maintained one would certainly have expected many more problems than I have heard about.

As to whether these are pointless and ineffective attacks, that just depends on how one views the action as a whole. As one who believes we are doing the right thing for the right reasons I admire Nato and Clinton for holding steadfast and unified in the face of all setbacks and criticism it has encountered. I wonder if we would have withdrawn from WWII if we had had CNN in our living rooms every night.

Regarding the effectiveness of modern air warfare, I found it interesting hearing an air force officer saying that one B-2 mission today has the effective equivalent of something like 2500 bomber missions during WWII. If the military truly believes that, then there may be some basis to their belief that air power alone can achieve the goals stated. Air power certainly won the Gulf war.

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