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Re: China and the Bombing of Yugoslavia

Author:Ken Hagler
Posted:5/11/1999; 9:47:51 AM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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This is much more serious than our problem with Milosovic. The war is now much bigger because it involves two of the three nuclear superpowers.

Actually, it involves all three. Russia has always had a fairly proprietary attitude towards the other slavic nations, sort of like America's Monroe Doctrine.

It's worth remembering how World War I (and indirectly, WWII) started. An outside power used a thin excuse to attack Serbia, and Russia intervened to protect Serbia. Then the alliances brought everybody else in.

There is a silver lining here, though. We can safely say that there is absolutely no danger of World War III starting, because if the other nuclear superpowers had the ability to fight us, they probably already would be. :-/

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