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DG, openToPublic=false, Forgotten Passwords...

Posted:5/11/1999; 12:16:00 PM
Topic:DG, openToPublic=false, Forgotten Passwords...
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Hello all,

If you have a DG, openToPublic is set to false for the associated member group, you are already a member, and you are trying to get your password because you forgot it, you can't. At least it didn't work for me! :-)

It gives the error about there already being a member with that name.

I would have expected that regardless of whether you are on a public or private DG, you'd be able to get your password via email if you forgot it.

I needed to modify mainResponder.members.sendMail to work around this problem.

Bug? Or my misunderstanding of how things should work by default?


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