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Re: I did the deed!

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:5/11/1999; 5:44:55 PM
Topic:Installing RedHat 6.0
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rsh service (port 514) : remote shell. Executes a command on a remote host.

rlogin (port 513): remote login. Starts a terminal session on a remote host.

lpr (port 515): off line print. Prints files.

xWindows (port 6000): port for X Window sessions.

(Use 'man commandname' on the Linux commandline to read more about these commands. Without the single quotes.)

Yes, conceivably these ports (among others; telnet [23] comes to mind if you're not going to telnet in from outside your network) could be used to do mischief to your machine. Normally not TOO much to worry about (I don't have all of them shut off on my own Linux router box), but you ARE kind of high-profile. Basically, you've got several services (daemons in *NIX parlance; kind of like TSRs in DOS, or what is it...INITs(?) in MacLand) that are answering requests on those port numbers. I believe Red Hat has a graphical service manager that should let you just completely shut them down, until you can get them configured to only talk to your network boxes.(Heck, alot of them you probably won't need at all...).

Oh yeah...welcome to Linux!! I've been reading DaveNet since about '95/6(?), and figured you'd get around to it EVENTUALLY...*grin*.

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