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You must implement OLE in-place embedding somehow

Author:Robert Krajewski
Posted:5/12/1999; 8:14:12 AM
Topic:Question about embedding HTML on Windows
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There's no way around that -- your application must provide nontrivial context (not just a window handle) to the OLE object (in this case, the HTML control), and handle certain COM-based protocols between the embedded object and your application.

Maybe ATL provides a lightweight framework for doing so in an otherwise non-OLE oriented application.

MFC is heavier-weight, but you might be able to finesse things by creating a generic MFC CWindow as a child of one of your application's windows, and then you could stick the CHtmlView under that.

Otherwise, you would have to understand OLE in-place activation (although not full document embedding) and probably adapt code from _Inside OLE_ by Kraig Brockschmidt. Good luck !

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