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Re: I did the deed!

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:5/12/1999; 11:27:05 AM
Topic:Installing RedHat 6.0
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One of the things that I love about Red Hat 6 is GnoRPM. Using rpmfind it can track down anything! However, installing stuff is a PITA, because it's dangerous to log in as root, but if I'm running GnoRPM as a regular user, I can't actually install any RPMs. Someone on the GNOME list mentioned gsu, but apparently it can't be released until it has been audited, and apparently no one cares enough to do that.

Try regular su. Open up a terminal, type su, enter your root password, and invoke gnorpm by name. Then you can run it as root without logging in as root.

The most frustrating thing that I've found is Linuxconf. It keeps adding tabs, and I haven't quite figured out under what conditions they can be dismissed. And it keeps trying to start APM support, but since I'm not using a notebook it doesn't work and I get errors.

The LinuxConf interface is really slick from a terminal. From the GUI, it's a human interface disaster. Somebody's working on this, apparently. As for APM, try turning off the entire service.

Likewise, the fact that control center panels disappear when I press one of the buttons is weird. Of course, the control center in general reminds me of Mac System 6; I like having each control panel as an independent app, or at least in separate windows. I keep wanting to open the "TCP/IP" control panel...

Up until very recently, the Control Panel worked like LinuxConf. Somebody made some big improvements at the last moment, and the UI is now almost decent. There's no particular reason the control panel couldn't work this way.

Oh yeah, I also want a keychain. :-)

Will you settle for a stuffed penguin doll? Or a herring? ;-)

Cheers, Eric

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