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Small HTML embedding progress

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:5/12/1999; 4:43:15 PM
Topic:Question about embedding HTML on Windows
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I've made some small progress using an approach like this in a DLL.

framewindow and childwindow are CWnds.

framewindow->Attach (FindWindow ("frontierframe", "Frontier"));
childwindow->Create (NULL, "Test", WS_VISIBLE, tr,
   framewindow, NULL, NULL);
childwindow->ShowWindow (SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED);
::AfxMessageBox ("The window's gone already.");

It creates a window and maximizes it to fit the frame window -- I can see it happen. But just as quickly, the window is gone. The message appearing in the message box is accurate, the window's gone already.

How can I make childwindow remain? The idea is that this is the window that would display HTML.

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