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Bug w/imageRef in news.root?

Author:David Glenn
Posted:5/13/1999; 8:10:31 AM
Topic:Bug w/imageRef in news.root?
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I am having a problem putting an image on a new.root newsSite. I put my image in news.root|sampleNewsSite.#images. in the news.root|sampleNewsSite.#template I put an {imageRef ("NYSE")} call. The page shows up fine except no image. The generated page html for img is ok (sizes, href, etc.) so I am assuming Frontier has found the correct image file (confirmed this by renaming the graphic). However when I look at the log in the url for serving the image is wrong. The url always has an extra directory reference inserted in it:

is: /news/metrisNewsSite/1999/images/NYSE

should be: /news/metrisNewsSite/images/NYSE

I have moved the #images directory under 1999 and then it inserts the month directory in the url path.

Any ideas?


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