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Re: Technography. a core competency

Author:TQ White II
Posted:5/13/1999; 10:07:33 AM
Topic:Technography. a core competency
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Yes, I agree. It is/will/should be core competency.

I work for a company headquartered halfway across the country. When I took this job, it was partly because of my fairly good telecommuting skills. I usually act as a sort of technographer conversing over email, fax and phone. They see and hear the developing agreement as I (very quickly) translate it to back to them based on our interactions.

This job has been more difficult. The HQ folks insist on controlling the interaction. Instead of jointly working on a common idea, they prefer to pass around a file. They think this is collaboration. I think it is very cumbersome and prevents the development of mutual new ideas.

The file passing mechanism they prefer introduces a time lag that is absolute murder on creativity. We are hindered because the culture of technography (what we call conversation) is not yet understood to apply to the net and because the tools are not yet there for cyberspace technography.

fwiw, tqii

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