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Frontier6 Web server not functioning...

Posted:5/13/1999; 10:48:56 AM
Topic:Frontier6 Web server not functioning...
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On my new Xeon Pentium III 500Mhz PC with Frontier 6 on Win NT4 SP4, I brought over my gdb that I've been using successfully on on Pentium 150Mhz machine. I set the #urls to have the IP name of the machine I'm on. I've setup my e-mail server and e-mail address. I've made sure the web server is running. I've tried using port 80 and 81 (I'm not running IIS here, unlike the P150). From my machine or another using Netscape, when I try to access the PIII500 system, Netscape displays this: "The object / doesn't exist." I turned on logging, and here's what I see in the log file:

"Post filter error: user.webserver.postFilters.commonLog: Can't coerce a boolean value to a filespec."

I've compared most of the config settings with the P150 and they are the same. It's really baffling. erik

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