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Re: Technography. a core competency

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:5/13/1999; 3:38:44 PM
Topic:Technography. a core competency
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I'm really asking about outliners, by the way, about just knowing how to use an outliner to facilitate a conversation supported by a shared screen. Just that, as a CORE competency. Sure the other stuff. The spreadsheets and the whiteboard and the multi-monitor command center. But what I'm talking about isn't about being able to control each other's computers. It's about knowing how to use an actual outliner to keep people focused, to help people make better decisions, to help people get more done. It's this that I think, competency-wise, is/will/should be core. The hyperdynamic, ever-elastic, expand-and-collapsible outliner. Real-time. Voice-accompanied.

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