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Sherlock -IS- a portal

Author:Don W Strickland
Posted:5/14/1999; 3:08:01 PM
Topic:Sherlock -IS- a portal
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Cool! I sent the message below to Apple 6 months ago. Maybe they -were- listening!

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 00:32:57 -0500 From: "Don W. Strickland"

Has it occurred to Apple (to Steve Jobs) that Sherlock could swipe the eyeballs away from the browser wars?

This is significant. Apple needs to quickly develop Sherlock for both Windows and Linux -OR- offer the source for open development.

Sherlock is the first example of what I predicted 3-4 years ago just as Netscape and Microsoft launched a race to create the biggest (bloated) Internet Office suite. With Sherlock, people no longer -NEED- a browser to search the Internet.

! That means their first view of the WWW isn't via a browser.

My primary point is that we don't need browsers. We just need to make the OS smart enough to do all the stuff that a browser does now, and I'm not talking about force bundling of the browser.

The Mac OS can already render text, images, Java, scripts, play sounds, and movies without the help of an application. Why shouldn't it also render HTML without the help of Netscape or Explorer.

Apple has a chance to yank the mind share right out of the grips of Netscape and Microsoft!

Make Sherlock into a framework that is extensible in all directions. Instead of competing with UltraFind and the others, invite them to offer Sherlock extensions. Also, if it's not already, make Sherlock TOTALLY SCRIPTABLE.

I don't want Netscape Navigator -OR- MSIE. I want my OS, be it Linux, Mac OS or Windows to find and show me Web Pages, each in it's own window like I can view Text, PICT, and Sound clippings today.



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