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Welcome Doc

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:5/14/1999; 6:02:08 PM
Topic:Sherlock -IS- a portal
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I noticed that Doc Searls has joined our little community, and thought maybe introductions were in order.

Doc and I have been friends for, what, 15 years? He is one of those people who TALK IN HEADLINES. Everything he says sounds like it came out of a newspaper or journal. And it comes right out if his heart, just like that, pre-printed.

He is also a genuine visionary who has been instrumental in helping companies find and voice their own. Most recently, he's become the author of the Linux Journal. It is a great boon to the Linux community.

His presence in our community then should be an even greater boon, because of who he is, and what he's doing: both extremely relevant to the growth of our community. With a little boonish prodding from our members, perhaps Doc can give us a clearer and deeper vision of this software we're playing in.

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