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Re: Portals Mail List

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/15/1999; 8:26:34 AM
Topic:Portals Mail List
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You could really help the process along by documenting your fumbling. Highlight questions as they come up. This message helped a lot. Somehow we have to focus people on the need to install mainResponder. Keep em coming.

We're working on the user interface for Frontier now. For example, My.UserLand.Com wasn't hard to learn, was it? Realize that that is Frontier you're using. Now we have a clean and easy preferences interface. Again, that's Frontier.

Running a server, esp one as rich as Frontier 6, is never going to be easy. But using the server, and writing for it, can and will be easy. (BTW, you're using Frontier right now to read this message.)

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