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Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:5/15/1999; 8:05:22 AM
Topic:Portals Mail List
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You know I have tons of ideas, I've posted many here already (distributed consultant information, saved searches as channels, etc.)

My biggest challenge is trying to learn Frontier - it's learning curve is immense - and I'm a scripter at heart! (albeit javascript).

To be honest, I've bought Frontier, but there are so many things like Zope coming out - i've had sort of a wait and see approach. So many more apps are more accessible than Frontier in terms of the fact that they are free and downloadable immediately.

I can see the benefits of Frontier, and the large community of users is attractive, and I can see the benefits of moving to a database format.

If I had one wish for frontier, it would be somehow to incorporate javascript as another native scripting language (not just jscript via some kludgy method).

I love Frontier's cross platform binary compatibility, and many other features, but for instance it took me two days to figure out that I had to install mainresponder on my own! That sort of thing should have popped up in the install script - perhaps saying "you need to also run the install script on mainresponder..."

Reading the docs were no help - the only way i found it was casting about till i found the readme.html in the frontier directory.

Yeah I know RTFM, but still this could have easily been made easier to find out.

So not to be entirely critical, other than the learning curve, this is a really great program, and I look forward to all the cool stuff we all will be creating.

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