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A new platform vendor

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:5/15/1999; 9:09:20 AM
Topic:A new platform vendor
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An interview with RedHat CEO Robert Young.

If you bet on Linux, you bet on two things: the ongoing work of the open source community, and the business skills of the major Linux vendors. Robert Young is the CEO of the most successful Linux company.

If you're doing Linux, stop and listen to him. Make sure you trust him and his business sense. Would he lie to a developer? Will he ask you to bet on technologies which his engineers believe to be doomed? Will he spend his time taking pot shots at the competition, or will he focus on his users?

If I'm right in my bet, the consensus Unix platform is Linux, RedHat and Intel. So anybody doing Linux should pay close attention to Robert Young.

Also, keep an eye on the Linux Expo next week. I'm betting that at least one big Unix vendor will throw its full weight behind Linux on Intel, and we'll find out how serious some of the big vendors (IBM, HP, SAP, Oracle) are about supporting Linux. Enough industry support would make Linux very formidable indeed. A lackluster showing or a dearth of announcements by major players would be a warning signal.

Nobody has ever created a successful platform on the basis of technology alone. It's all about alliances, profitability, consensus and money-making opportunities for your allies and your customers. Do you think Robert Young understands this?

Cheers, Eric

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