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DeepFun.Com Admin Page

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/20/1999; 9:05:00 PM
Topic:DeepFun.Com Admin Page
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I was chatting with Bernie this evening about the project I've been working on and saying that DeepFun.Com was an inspiration for me, and I started talking about admin interfaces. Bernie told me about the one that Matt Daw put together for him, and I asked for a screen shot.

DeepFun.Com Admin Page

The server log

On the left side, going down a few screen fulls is a view of the server log, showing the IP address, or for people with membership cookies, a link to their profile page. The asterisk in each row is a link to the referrer page. Also note that the server has been up since 4/1/99! I liked to see that.

Site index

This allows Bernie to "promote" a DG message to be a story that he can edit thru the DG interface. Stories can appear in as many categories as he wants. This is simply an interface onto the attribute of a DG message.

Delete message

This one's pretty simple. He enters a msgnum and the message is deleted. Every sysop needs one of these!

Uploading a picture

Thru this form Bernie can upload an image to the server.

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