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Dave's DHTML book link - worth navigating to

Author:John Styles
Posted:5/26/1999; 2:34:58 PM
Topic:Dave's DHTML book link - worth navigating to
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Hey people, have any of you looked at the downloadable examples from the book Dave pointed to a couple of days ago? The URL is

It seems to me to be a fine example of a proof that DHTML is not an appropriate technology for 'thin client' software. It's not very good or robust, and if you look at the amount of HTML / JSCRIPT / CSSs it's not very thin either. And how fast it downloads!

Well worth a look, though, to see what this technology can do i.e. not very much.

Whether such a non-functional technology is worth writing a book about is another matter.

(This is said in a spirit of 'it's interesting to see what works and what doesn't, not in any negative way)

John Styles

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