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navbar macro - update

Author:André Radke
Posted:6/8/1999; 5:01:01 PM
Topic:The Need For Speed
Msg #:7128 (In response to 7088)
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This update to Frontier's navbar macro supports a new XML-based format for specifying the links that should show up in the navbar. The format is defined below. This feature is enabled via the new flXmlOutline parameter.

This version is also supposed to be thread-safe when using the old outline-based format (by working on a local copy of the outline).

A bug has also been fixed: When the breakAtCategories parameter is true, some characters were removed from the lines preceding category headings.

XML outlines

The XML outline should contain a single The The contents of the The contents of the The contents of the Example

Changes from XML format of previous testing version

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