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Re: XML navbar test version--tags in titles?

Author:Ian Beatty
Posted:6/9/1999; 6:51:55 AM
Topic:The Need For Speed
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Is the font and size the same for all category titles?

Yes. If I could specify a beginning and ending HTML string to wrap around all category titles, and a different one to wrap around all item titles, I'd have everything I need. And specifying them as parameters in the macro call (in my template) works fine for me.

But I want the ability to specify arbitrary HTML, not just font and size. For one of my sites, I enclose each navbar item in a one-by-one table with a border and a colored background, to simulate a graphical button whose width is set during the page-rendering process. I'd need to specify '
' as the pre-title text, and '
' as the post-title text.



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