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Posted:6/15/1999; 6:54:40 AM
Topic:Internet Alchemy
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A couple of notes:

1. Perhaps Ian can add a "synthetic" flag to the OCS format. That way the client can decide whether or not to show such content (and good content it is).

2. I agree that there is no central place to discuss all of this. Dave, are you in a position to do so? If not I will look in to hosting a mailing list.

3. RSS Maker is very cool, and I think it has a long-term place in the world. However, it is also great to get sites to generate RSS of their own. I've had limited success so far in approaching individual sites and asking them for RSS files for their content. There is a third approach where RSS Maker is used to offer "third party syndication" with the permission of the home site.


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